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As the use of computers and internet has increased to a great extent, cyber criminals has got new chance to creat cyber havocs to cheat and scare computer users and rip off their hard earned money. is a new browser hijacker released on the internet and is identified as a a part of Babylon. when get installed in the system overides existing search engine and redirects Google, Yahoo and other internet searches to malicious websites. Once this nsty browser hijacker get chance to enter in the system make necessary changes in the browser settings . It has ability to change defult home page of google, Internet xplorer and Mozilla firefox to And when users make use of this search than it presents irrelevant research containing many fake advertisements and pop ups. It is very difficult o identify the presence of as it uses a search bar that do not contains any logo and the only sign in the address bar is a web address that look likes and

It is advised to remove infection immediately from your system as it may cause sufing problem and may lead to deteriorated system performance. Moreover it also adds additional malware and virus to your system.

“” should be removed as soon as possible. Click and download this software to remove this nasty browser Hijacker infection easily on your Windows operating system
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Malicious Activities Performed by browser Hijacker in Window PC browser Hijacker created their malicious code to destroy Window users confidential data at unprecedented levels. get in Window system via email , peer to peer file sharing over network etc without the consent and information to user. It get automatically executed whenever users start the system for first time. Most malicious activities performed by browser Hijacker in system are like these:

  • Cascading file droppers: Once browser Hijacker get installed in Window system , this will grab and additional program into the system on periodic basis and turn Window system in zombie state. After spreading for several days this browser Hijacker can stay ahead of any anti-browser Hijacker tool.
  • URL monitoring , screen capturing and form scraping : browser Hijacker monitor all the URL’s visit by users . It collect all the information that are submitted to the site and grab all the authentication and account detail. browser Hijacker also track screen image including important data on it.
  • Turn of the camera or the microphone: browser Hijacker with its malicious code turn of all the video camera even the microphone installed to system and thereby considerably destruct the Window PC information.
  • Acting as Spam Relay: browser Hijacker despiteful code turn the Window system into spam email relay so that onslaught can stylize number of message through group of system.
  • Change the network setting: To prevent the signature update of installed anti-browser Hijacker in Window system, alters the network setting of infected system browser Hijacker Scare Tactics to Get in Window System browser Hijacker uses different type of of scam software with viscous payloads , or of limited or no benefit . It users various unethical marketing and scare tactics to sold the full version of infectious software . It show fake and scam message on users screen to frighten that their system is severely affected and convinced them in buying the software to remove software from their system. browser Hijacker uses tactics to pranks Window users with the intent to cause panic or anxiety and to earn money from users.

Once , Window system get effected with browser Hijacker it shows it as legitimate application . Suddenly it start the fake scanning in the system and show that window system is severely affected and the data stored in it and system is at high risk. In some cases , browser Hijacker replaced the victims desktop with yellow and large text message and even force to make the full canning . Never believe on these messages as it is there only to turn the system in zombie state. browser Hijacker copy the look and design and legitimate it as powerful application for scanning the system which is very difficult to detect it.

Redirection of Webpage

Is your system infected with browser Hijacker infection? If yes, then one of its bad symptoms. It is very dangerous for your browser. Your browser can redirect the searches to the other malicious sites that or any other sites that is not related to your search. Redirection of WebPages is one key features of browser Hijacker. It will hack your browser and when you try to perform searches with Google, yahoo or other sites then, it will redirect you to other malicious sites. The redirection is more dangerous that increase the infections on the system and will cause to stuck the system very badly.

The browser Hijacker infection will change the browser settings and home page. Even it can slow down the surfing and you feel that your browser will be stuck. This all things happen due to the browser Hijacker infections. This infection can download so many other infections to the system and make computer slower. This all things happen due to the infections that present into the system. It must be removed with the help of effective removal tool. This removal tool is featured with latest technology that can easily perform scanning and remove the infected files and registry keys from the system. It can make your system clean and smooth after removing infections completely. Presence of removal tool ensure the security of computer from other infections and protect your system from these infections. Tracks Keystroke – Acts As a Key logger

Presence of in your system can easily steal your confidential data by tracking all the details feed by user using keyboard over the Internet , as it has been incorporated with advance keylogging technique that allows attacker tracks all the activities performed by on-line using keyboard. It also captures movement of mouse acts as a keylogger that tracks each and every stroke given by user on the keyboard while performing some specific task such as money transaction filling forms using account details , online shopping using credit card details etc. is a highly infectious browser Hijacker that has been especially designed by the hackers to hack victim activities performed over the system. This key logging feature feed in helps and supports cyber criminals to spread cyber crime. acting as a key logger can easily steals all the sensitive and confidential data used by the victim over Internet. uses advance technology that records ALL ascii keystrokes to special log files. Hence, it is highly recommended for the user to remove just after being detected as a single negligence can cost you the most. Although , it is difficult to detect as it runs as an background activity, whose manual removal requires advance technical knowledge.

Automatic Removal Tool automatic removal tool is one of best, tried and true , and powerful tool to uninstall browser Hijacker completely from Window system. This tool helps to remove all browser Hijacker , Trojan or malware installed on Window system and help to keep PC clean forever. However it is very difficult for Window users to install anti-browser Hijacker in system when system is already affected with browser Hijacker. Automatic Removal Tool is such a tool that easily get installed in system be deactivation all the browser Hijacker. It locates all the browser Hijacker installed in the system and completely uninstall browser Hijacker and its additional threat from Window system with powerful and robust scanning algorithm. Some features of Automatic Removal Tool are discussed below:

  • Throughout scanning including all files, folders , and running process
  • Remove all low level of threat from Window PC
  • Helps to remove all kinds of Trojans , worms , malicious codes , malicious scripts , cyber attacks and computer threats
  • Prevent from other threat and browser Hijacker to get into the system
  • Provide information to users to get rid from opening the scam email message , clicking on fake pop up alert message

So to get completely rid from browser Hijacker in Window system , it is recommended to download Automatic Removal Tool.

“” should be removed as soon as possible. Click and download this software to remove this nasty browser Hijacker infection easily on your Windows operating system
Free Download
Click on Download Automatic Removal Tool to delete and remove browser Hijacker infection instantly and effectively right now


Once I was surfing internet and suddenly I received a popup message that you have a new email from your friend, click here to see!. I really didn’t know about fraudulent operation that could take place on internet. When I clicked on the message, it redirected to me to unknown website. After that, it started creating problem while using internet like annoying popup ads, browser hangs and so on. My internet get disconnected every hour which is was annoying. I searched forums on the web and I came to know that it is browser Hijacker infection. I was suggested to use this removal tool that really helped me to get rid of all the problems.

My Avira antivirus reported about this threat and I clicked to delete the infection. But the same infection was being reported again and again. It was disturbing me while working. After few days, my PC gets too slow and it becomes unresponsive with Avira. When I used this removal software, it completely removed the threat. After that there is no detection of malware and even my computer is running fine.

Automatic removal tool is perfect tool to secure computer from malicious infections. It completely removed browser Hijacker and all other malware. Since when I have been using this tool, there is no problem in my notebook. When I insert some usb flash drive, it automatically and quickly scans and removes all the detected threats. It also gives protection over internet and warns me about hijacked/malicious websites. The tool also updates itself frequently.

User guide : How to use This software

Step 1 : Download and install the software on the system. Execute the software in your system and after that following screen will appear. This is the main interface from where you can start scanning your system files to find out all the infected system files.

Step 1

Step 2 : Following screen shows that scanning process. As you click on scan button software automatically starts scanning process to detect all the vindictive threats and infections in the system.

Step 2

Step 3 : After locating the malicious threats on the system you can take helps of “Spyware HelpDesk” to know or to get technical information on each of the malware mad spyware threat tha tis found.

Step 3

Step 4 : You can run “system Guard” for restrict malicious malware or adware to run in the PC.

Step 4

Step 5 : You can also take help from “Network Sentry” , this tool restricts malicious threat from making changes in the system browser settings and modifying Internet connections.

Step 5
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